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reportcontentsOur company performs moisture and mold investigations, specializing in finding the source of moisture intrusion, as well as other moisture related services in homes and light commercial buildings. We excel in difficult jobs and have detected and corrected moisture problems that others were unable to find. Our investigators talk to the building owner, buyer, seller, builder, property manager, or other client to determine the specific problem and then tailor the investigation to their needs. When the investigation is completed, a report is compiled and sent to the appropriate parties and is, of course, kept confidential.

Our goal...

is to provide our clientele with real solutions that will fix a problem, not just patch it!

*Note - We do not perform repairs nor are we affiliated with any company who does.

What we can do for you!

Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. specializes in moisture and mold investigations, but we provide many other services.

  • Moisture intrusion investigations for:
    • claddings - EIFS (synthetic stucco), vinyl, brick, stone, others;
    • roofs or plumbing
  • Mold sampling
  • Construction consultations
  • Expert witness - litigation support
  • Damage assessments for insurance claims

We are an independent third party inspection company.

Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. is a woman-owned business.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling and investigations can be scheduled within a few days.

If you are interested in receiving a full information packet, would like to know about our other services, or have questions about our company, please visit the Contact link or call the number you see below.

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