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Educating our clients since 1989


Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. provides a variety of consultation services which include new construction, remodeling and repair. We provide third party investigations to see that the work being done meets or exceeds the required specifications and/or codes. We can help stop job waste.

We routinely aid our clients by working with contractor to create a scope of work regarding repairs or installation and replacement of cladding. We review the scope of work with the client and contractor, as well as provide some basic "how to" training for personnel unfamiliar with some tried and true techniques for performing particular tasks.

Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. has the technical and practical experience related to moisture issues to provide our clientele with the best service. We provide the best oversight at cladding installation to help prevent future problem areas. We strive to find the source of problem areas so that a suggested fix is not just a patch to a deeper problem.

Backhoe in dumpster Someone goofing around on the job again? Contact us and we will make sure that everyone follows the appropriate procedures!


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