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Critical Areas - Door Thresholds

door flashing head trim1

Doors may have water infiltration problems. There are multiple points at the door that might allow moisture into the cladding system, but not into the interior wall of the structure.
This picture shows sealant failure around the decorative door header. It is possible that water may have trickled down to the threshold.


Inspecting a door is simple and does not require much time.  Appropriate sealant should be applied to all joints of the door itself, and a proper joint should be installed around the door penetration in the cladding. We check the frame for any signs of damage, around the door/cladding interface for proper sealant joint, scan for moisture underneath the threshold, and probe underneath the door corners, if appropriate for the specific cladding. door threshold2
door threshold exposed3  Here is an example of the type of water infiltration damage that might be hiding under the threshold of a door on a porch, stoop, deck, or patio.



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