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Difficult Areas - Chimneys


chimney-higharea01chimney-higharea02When it comes to chimneys, there is really nothing that the client can do to speed up the inspection. This section is simply to inform you of the way chimneys can slow down an inspection. This house is a prime example of extremely high chimneys. Although we can inspect up to four stories, these chimneys extend way past that. Also, the roof is quite steep, which makes accessing the chimneys by the roof difficult.
chimney-higharea03This picture is another example of a high chimney. The two important things about high chimneys are the fact that they take time to inspect (setting up high ladders takes a few minutes) and they sometimes can not be inspected except by the human eye. Our inspectors excel at inspecting with their eyes, but nobody is perfect. Yet, we do not discourage anyone with a high chimney from contacting us. We want the client to know that high chimneys are more of a challenge to us than a nuisance and we will work to the best of our ability to make sure that every area of a chimney is inspected the best that it can possibly be inspected.



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