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Difficult Areas - Roof/Wall Intersections

The problem with roof/wall intersections is not that they are difficult to inspect. The problem lies in the fact that they require much attention and can take quite a while to inspect. To understand why they take so long, click on Roof/Wall Intersections under the Critical Areas section.

roof-wall01The picture to the left shows how many roof/wall intersections can look good, but to an inspector it is more hours tacked onto the job. In the left-hand picture alone, there are at least five roof/wall intersections (there could be more that are not visible).

roof-wall02 The picture to the right gives an example of three roof/wall intersections that are very close together and yet, still take a good deal of time to inspect because of the height of each.

This is merely an alert to the client that roof/wall intersections can balloon the number of hours spent at a site.

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