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Difficult Areas - Shrubs

shrubs01When inspecting a wall, the most important idea is access. If an inspector can not get to the wall, he can not inspect it. Shrubs have a tendency to impede access to a wall. In the picture to the left, the window on the right wall on the second floor is almost completely inaccessible. The tree does not allow for ladder placement except to place the ladder directly on the shrub. Another thing about this picture is what you do not see. The bush to the far right is covering a window on the alcove making the window very difficult to reach.

shrubs02In this next picture, the lower floorline is completely concealed behind the landscaping. Also, the front side of the chimney (as well as the other sides) can not be accessed because of the tall tree.

Shrubs can be a complete nuisance for an inspector just by being in the way, not to mention any kind of animals or insects they may house.

Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. is not suggesting that the client cut down all the shrubbery around the designated inspection site. However, if there are bushes and trees that could be cutaway , we suggest these actions be taken not only to speed up the inspection, but because landscaping material should be kept 2 feet off of the house.

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