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Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are able to provide support and research on construction issues and manufacturer specifications for homeowners and attorneys. Experts also offer services such as testimony on construction issues, moisture intrusion problems, and EIFS (synthetic stucco) as well as technical support on construction issues for attorneys and paralegals during trial preparation.

As an expert, one must have not only a mastery of the technical information on construction but also the ability to present and communicate the ideas clearly to others.

Preparation for any case may require research, investigations of what is pertinent to the case, and documentation of the conditions involved. The ability to present clearly the facts and opinions in court is a critical quality of the expert. Reports should be easy to understand and follow for people unfamiliar with construction. An expert may need to produce construction mock-ups, computer presentations, and other aids to visually explain technical information during any testimony.

If you would like to know more about expert witness services in the construction field, please give us a call or contact your attorney for assistance.