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Educating our clients since 1989

Quality Assurance Programs for Architects, Builders and Contractors

Our objective is to provide architects, builders and contractors with programs that will increase their profits through customer satisfaction. We do this by increasing the quality of your product thereby reducing your warranty call backs and punch list work.

staninspectOur head inspector, Stanley YeskolskiWhy would you want to hire Investigative Inspection Services, Inc.? We are a third party. We can be unbiased and scientific in our approach to problem solving and creating programs and training that works. We have the technical expertise and staffing to provide the best possible service in our field.
Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. can provide programs to help your personnel give the quality workmanship that your customers want when they buy a property or other services from you. We have established Quality Assurance Programs for inspecting to your standards and/or manufacturer specs as well as any applicable code. We can provide training to labor in the field regarding properly performing tasks so that the outcome is reduced call backs from your customers.

Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. has been providing services regarding new installations of claddings and moisture inspections to a wide variety of clientele, which include architecture firms, builders, commercial clients, homeowners and real estate professionals. Additionally, we provide mold sampling, consultations regarding moisture for any cladding and other areas where moisture intrusion is commonly found and training. We believe in educating our clients as well as solving problems.

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