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Insurance Claims

Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. offers and performs insurance claim investigations to assess the damage from events. We may be hired by the insurance company, homeowner, or others to assess damaged areas on residential and commercial buildings. We offer an unbiased, fact based report on the conditions we find. Since we have no vested interest in any particular final outcome of an investigation, all parties involved can trust our services and opinions.

Yes... that is a roof. An insurance fiasco! As you can see, the roof is no longer attached to its building. Looks like it's time for someone to make an assessment of the damage.

That's where we come in. We can assess damage for many different situations.

Roof blown off

The report process includes interviews with the appropriate parties, detailed notes, and pictures of the physical condition of the building. A full description and photos of the areas involved or effected by the claim event are included. Further more, we note any conditions that, in our opinion, affect the repair process. For example, a historical home with custom mill work would be noted during the interview, so our suggestions would take this into account. Another example would be walnut hardwood floors that were milled in nonstandard widths.

Fence damage

Looks like someone forgot where the brake pedal was when parking! These things happen all the time and insurance companies need to know what the damage is.

We can inspect and assess any situation to help you settle a dispute.


Our reports are simple to follow and understand. We use an easy referencing system, schematics, or pictures to locate the items we are examining or discussing on the building. Repair contractors have commented that they felt comfortable bidding on a job using our reports.

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