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Moisture Investigations for Other Components

Brick, stone, vinyl, and lap siding clad homes are not immune to moisture problems. Time, along with quantities of water, result in problems on any building. Roof-wall intersections, chimneys, windows, and doors are all potential leak points. Vapor diffusion and condensation are other sources of moisture. Our goal is not simply to identify the problem, but also to find a reasonable solution.


Whether you need your roof inspected...


...or maybe your plumbing under your house...

When we are asked to investigate a building for problems, we first interview the occupants to find out if they have noticed any leaks, stains, or smells. We then do an assessment of the building and closely examine any suspect areas using various moisture detection instruments. While examining the building, we will note potential problem areas in order to alert the client so they can address these to avoid future damage.

We have investigated and solved many problems on shingle, membrane, and metal roofs, as well as many types of cladding. Having these past experiences under our belt gives us the edge when it comes to investigating. We are able to quickly identify problems and recommend solutions that have worked in the past. Experience plays a big part in investigations and we have many years of field experience.

The report the client receives addresses potential problems, as well as details that may need immediate repairs to prevent damage. Because we receive no money based on the type of repair chosen, we are totally unbiased in our opinions on repairs.
...we are ready to dig right into any investigation!

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