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Services - What do we do?

Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. is a company designed to help you solve moisture related problems in your residence or office. Whether it be mold, leaks or legal issues, we are ready to assist you. Use the above menu to find your area of interest. If you do not find what you need, please contact us via the Contact link and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.

The following is a brief explanation of what we do for each category:

  • EIFS - An EIFS inspection is one of our specialties. We scan and probe the walls of the designated building in search of moisture intrusion. You, the client, determine how invasive an investigation we perform.
  • Moisture Investigations - In addition to EIFS inspections, we also inspect roofs, plumbing, and other claddings. Other cladding refers to all wall exteriors other than EIFS such as vinyl, brick and stone. An investigation on other claddings is very similar to an EIFS investigation in that we scan and probe the walls in search of moisture. An investigation of roofs or plumbing involves scanning areas and documenting the findings.
  • Mold Sampling - During a mold investigation, samples of mold are taken and sent to a lab. We receive the results from the lab and they are included in your report.
  • Insurance Claims - Pictures are taken of the designated area and an assessment of damage is given. This includes types of damage other than water, such as storm damage or negligent damage caused by contractors.
  • Consultations - This is an "in progress" investigation in which we verify the quality of the installation or repair work.
  • Expert Witness - Expert knowledge is crucial for court cases. An expert can testify in court on their findings concerning EIFS and other construction issues. Experts also help attorneys with research on construction techniques and advise them on manufacturer specifications.

How we investigate

The scientific method guides our investigations when we try to locate a moisture source. We follow this method step-by-step:

  1. Make a hypothesis - View the building and decide where we think the problem spots will be
  2. Design a plan to prove the hypothesis - Decide where to probe and how much
  3. Execute the plan - Inspect/Test the area
  4. Interpret results - See what our investigation has found
  5. Draw a conclusion - Conceive solutions that would fix the problems.

At no time do we make assumptions about water infiltration or damage, which means that we do not test or suggest repairs based on assumptions. Waiting to see what happens results in accumulated damage and escalating repair costs.

What we give to you

When we have completely finished with the investigation, a report is sent out to the client. The type of report depends upon the type of investigation. Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. has standard report forms as well as fully customizable reporting capabilities to capture the details our clients want or need.

After every investigation we provide an individual consultation allowing the client a chance to address any questions or concerns.

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